Rebranding TTAGGS

Travel Tails A GO GO has been a wonderful company to work with.

TTAGGS is a pet transport company, primarily serving ground transport in the USA and Canada. It had a DIY look which worked, but didn’t really have any style and the logo felt cramped. See before and after examples. 

In talking with the owner, she and I agreed on a colorful, inviting and playful color palette and theme. You’ll see the guiding colors which are used just as that. That was the first step to helping TTAGGS stand out from the competition which were all very bland, corporate and businesslike. The second step was to create a world of TTAGGS characters signifying the luxury and family like vibe TTAGGS wants to give. Thus, Seymour (See More) the bulldog and Felix the cat were born as well as the idea of red carpet, chauffeur service that treats single family pets with a level of care that is far beyond the typical pet transporter. I added the idea of Felix and Seymour to have a trip across the country to their new home and we chose the locations together. You will see the layout if you visit the site at It is not finished yet. We needed to get the site up and running rather quickly because the busy season is starting soon. However, there are plans to embellish the site with illustrations of the chauffeurs, pet travel concierge and other details. 

This has been a wonderful project to work on. The owner was wonderful to work with and I think we came together with a fabulous collaboration.

Meaningful Relationships Capacity Circle

Workshop on Mar 28, 2022 at 8:00pm EDT

Do I bring my authentic self to my relationships?


Capacity Circles provide a space for people to build personal and relational capacity, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience and avoid burnout. Circles educate on self-care and establish a safe, non-hierarchical place in which all present have the opportunity to speak without interruptions. Experienced facilitators lead Circles with participatory practice methods which hold the Capacity Circles fundamentals and tap into the collective wisdom.

Capacity Circles Fundamentals
• The power of being held and witnessed
• Storytelling as a modality
• Circle work
• Systems Centered Groups
• Building capacity
• Building resilience
• Practicing/Developing emotional intelligence
• Avoiding burnout and cultivating wellbeing
Capacity Circles support people in preventing burnout and cultivate personal wellbeing through sharing stories, challenges and setbacks as well as joys and successes through receiving support, coaching and nurturing of a facilitated group meeting in a circle.
• Provide support for people experiencing high stress and/or burnout
• Connect people around the topics of personal wellbeing, personal resilience and self-care (physically, emotionally and mentally)
• Providing “the container” (literal and psychological space) to hold authentic conversations supporting the journey
• Equipping participants with coaching, tools, and practices to manage stress and avoid burnout
• Empowering participants to live their lives with new skills
• The rippling effect becomes a natural phenomena carrying the message across other social circles

What is a meaningful relationship?

Facilitator – Wilcox Gwynne

Elemental Creative: facilitator, artist, author, dancer, healer, traveler and Zen practitioner.


I bring all of me to everything I do. You are encouraged to bring all of you. Participatory practice grounded in Art of Hosting engagement methods enlivens my workshops and facilitated circles. I champion sustainability that starts from the center of our being. When we become balanced that balance echos throughout our social systems and beyond.
My tool box includes training in Health Education, Personal Training, Mentoring, Life Coaching, Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Massage Therapy, Graphic and Performing Arts, and Psychology. 
I embrace a world view that holds a vision of equity, inclusion and kindness dear and as a guiding compass. To truly and deeply engage with each other we must listen to our innermost truth, hold the truth of others with intention and love, and then speak with intentional kindness. In everything I do, I live with intention to make the world a better place starting with myself and advocating for all the beings in it.
Favorite motto:
“Maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.”
Don Quixote-Miguel de Cervantes

LIVE WORKSHOP: Strategies to Take Control of Burnout at the Office and Thrive

One of the best things that has come out of the pandemic work situation is the widespread (re)consideration of what makes for satisfying work. How do we choose what leads to a thriving life? We’ll explore this conversation in the LIVE “Strategies to Take Control of Burnout at the Office and Thrive” workshop through active exercises and more. If you have been thinking about taking the Enkindle Global eCourse, this is a good introduction to our methodologies. Check out the post on Klatch. #burnoutprevention #thrive #choices #workshopsonline

Find the source of your personal risk(s) for burnout in the office setting and make a plan to take control. Participate in a lively conversation, access knowledge from Enkindle Global a burnout prevention organization, and learn a methodology that sets the stage for a thriving lifestyle. You will be supported with engaged inquiries, activities, worksheets and handouts.

Utilizing current research you will walk through activities that:

  • Identify that stress does not cause burnout, in and of itself, AND name what the problem is actually
  • Identify your key factors that put you at risk for burnout in the workplace and what to do about it
  • Utilize circle work to get at the heart of your personal goals to set as you go forward
  • Design a roadmap with the first next steps

At the end of this workshop you will have a clear image of your current situation and how to move forward. That does not mean it is going to be easy. The first step is understanding the specific risk you face. It is the only way to strategically plan your roadmap.

MARCH 30th


MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair in Eugene

January – Saturday 29 and Sunday 30, 2022

This will be my first fair in about twelve years. I am looking forward to it, especially since I am new to Eugene, OR. It also feels very important to do everything I can to give good energy out to the world. We need it. I hope to give a little magic into the world both to people who want to have Reiki/Tarot sessions and random acts of Reiki to those who would receive it.

There is an element of moving energy that I think of as the magic of life. Often, I attach this sense of mystery to emotion and logos. The power of knowing that life responds to our worldview is key to living elementally. All that we have control over is our attitude. I believe that truly, deeply loving ourselves is the beginning of peace. The connection weaving love and the sense of a grounded self with all that is…others, nature, thoughts… is an awareness of Self as One. We are in this together.

I choose to put love and kindness into the world and receive love and kindness in return.

P.S. Forgive me for using an old picture. I don’t have have current pictures of me with oracle cards.

Elemental Living: Creating a Grimoire for Life

It has been a labor or love to get this book out. Actually, I think every book I have published has been a labor of love in one way or another. It is not an easy thing to write and/or otherwise be in on the publishing of a book. It is a lot of WORK. But this work is my gift to the world, it is my way to contribute and at least offer something to help those who would like a little assist.

ISBN: 9798753398864

Imprint: Independently published

Ebook ASIN: B09K2FM952 

Author page on Amazon

I also did the graphics – keep in mind, I was still learning while I was publishing the book. So, I could probably do better now. Oh well, there is always a curve and it continues throughout life. 🙂

See below for the marketing blurb and reviews.

A Practical Guide to Transform Your Life!

Elemental Living inspires you to head straight to the sketching board to redesign your life. It’s filled with exercises aimed at opening the door to your best you. It appeals to those beginning on their path of self-actualization as well as those who have been journeying for decades. 

Clear Roadmap

From the varied toolbox to the many layers of self-exploration offered, this book helps you create a clear roadmap for becoming one with your own core. Davida Ginter – Enkindle Global CEO | Author of Burning Out Won’t Get You There | Speaker | Social Change Catalyzer

Metaphysically Informed and Philosophically Clear

Welcome the curious, yogis, Reiki practitioners, massage practitioners and anyone looking to create their own “project me” template to manifest their inner soul message.

Jen Cheng – Writer | Musician | Strategist | Filmmaker | Artist

Choose Your Own Story

This accessible hero’s journey makes you the CHAMPion of your own life choices. If you don’t know where you are going yet, you are asked the right questions to open the door and map out the way. If you do, you’ll find a new level of methodology that meets you right where you are and holds the space for a new journey. 

Inquiry as Guided Wisdom

Elemental Living asks you all the questions you need to examine your relationship with yourself. But more than that, this book invites you to create a daily practice that suits your personality, passion and purpose in life.  Mags Thomson – House of Hives Award-Winning Visibility & Impact Strategist | Author Editor In Chief FEM Magazine

Author Bio

Wilcox Gwynne holds a lifelong commitment to leaving the world a better place, particularly concerning partnering with people in the transformational process. Xe is a Facilitation Specialist with a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Xe holds 24 years of experience as a holistic practitioner and applies this foundation in systems thinking and health to people, groups, and communities. Wilcox currently works with Enkindle Global, a burnout prevention organization, to facilitate change through participatory practices; maintains a life coaching practice specializing in meditation and presencing; teaches one-on-one Reiki training, and maintains a gfx foundry. Xe identifies as an Elemental Creative.

Author | Artist | Change Maker | Elemental Creative

Editorial Reviews

Elemental Living is the sort of book that leaves you with more than inspiration – it sends you straight to the sketching board to start redesigning your life. From the varied toolbox to the many layers of self-exploration offered, this book helps you create a clear roadmap for becoming one with your own core.

Davida Ginter

Enkindle Global CEO  | Speaker | Social Change Catalyzer | Author of Burning Out Won’t Get You There

Elemental Living asks you all the questions you need to examine your relationship with yourself. But more than that, this book invites you to create a daily practice that suits your personality, passion and purpose in life. I love how Wilcox invites you to consider your choices and option and anchor them into your life. They provide handholds, possibilities and insights, but not an established path. They leave it to their readers to take what feels aligned and create their own. Honestly, I felt so supported and inspired reading Elemental Living and can’t wait to explore how I can further integrate Wilcox’s wisdom into my life.

Mags Thomson

House of Hives Award-Winning Visibility & Impact Strategist | Author Editor In Chief FEM Magazine

Thank you for this brilliant weaving of philosophies and methodologies! The Living Elementally approach to developing inner peace and cultivating your potential is a powerful amalgam that really resonates with me. I also appreciate that this model embraces self-care. I am enjoying reading (and rereading) the content and working through the exercises. The toolboxes at the end of the chapters are rich with ideas and inspiration. I plan to continue referring back to this book and exploring my Project Me as I move through this next phase of life. This book will appeal to those beginning on their path of self-actualization as well as those who have been journeying for decades.

Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Author | Business Coach and International Workshop Leader | Owner, Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc.