Meaningful Relationships Capacity Circle

Workshop on Mar 28, 2022 at 8:00pm EDT

Do I bring my authentic self to my relationships?


Capacity Circles provide a space for people to build personal and relational capacity, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience and avoid burnout. Circles educate on self-care and establish a safe, non-hierarchical place in which all present have the opportunity to speak without interruptions. Experienced facilitators lead Circles with participatory practice methods which hold the Capacity Circles fundamentals and tap into the collective wisdom.

Capacity Circles Fundamentals
• The power of being held and witnessed
• Storytelling as a modality
• Circle work
• Systems Centered Groups
• Building capacity
• Building resilience
• Practicing/Developing emotional intelligence
• Avoiding burnout and cultivating wellbeing
Capacity Circles support people in preventing burnout and cultivate personal wellbeing through sharing stories, challenges and setbacks as well as joys and successes through receiving support, coaching and nurturing of a facilitated group meeting in a circle.
• Provide support for people experiencing high stress and/or burnout
• Connect people around the topics of personal wellbeing, personal resilience and self-care (physically, emotionally and mentally)
• Providing “the container” (literal and psychological space) to hold authentic conversations supporting the journey
• Equipping participants with coaching, tools, and practices to manage stress and avoid burnout
• Empowering participants to live their lives with new skills
• The rippling effect becomes a natural phenomena carrying the message across other social circles

What is a meaningful relationship?

Facilitator – Wilcox Gwynne

Elemental Creative: facilitator, artist, author, dancer, healer, traveler and Zen practitioner.


I bring all of me to everything I do. You are encouraged to bring all of you. Participatory practice grounded in Art of Hosting engagement methods enlivens my workshops and facilitated circles. I champion sustainability that starts from the center of our being. When we become balanced that balance echos throughout our social systems and beyond.
My tool box includes training in Health Education, Personal Training, Mentoring, Life Coaching, Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Massage Therapy, Graphic and Performing Arts, and Psychology. 
I embrace a world view that holds a vision of equity, inclusion and kindness dear and as a guiding compass. To truly and deeply engage with each other we must listen to our innermost truth, hold the truth of others with intention and love, and then speak with intentional kindness. In everything I do, I live with intention to make the world a better place starting with myself and advocating for all the beings in it.
Favorite motto:
“Maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.”
Don Quixote-Miguel de Cervantes

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