Rebranding TTAGGS

Travel Tails A GO GO has been a wonderful company to work with.

TTAGGS is a pet transport company, primarily serving ground transport in the USA and Canada. It had a DIY look which worked, but didn’t really have any style and the logo felt cramped. See before and after examples. 

In talking with the owner, she and I agreed on a colorful, inviting and playful color palette and theme. You’ll see the guiding colors which are used just as that. That was the first step to helping TTAGGS stand out from the competition which were all very bland, corporate and businesslike. The second step was to create a world of TTAGGS characters signifying the luxury and family like vibe TTAGGS wants to give. Thus, Seymour (See More) the bulldog and Felix the cat were born as well as the idea of red carpet, chauffeur service that treats single family pets with a level of care that is far beyond the typical pet transporter. I added the idea of Felix and Seymour to have a trip across the country to their new home and we chose the locations together. You will see the layout if you visit the site at It is not finished yet. We needed to get the site up and running rather quickly because the busy season is starting soon. However, there are plans to embellish the site with illustrations of the chauffeurs, pet travel concierge and other details. 

This has been a wonderful project to work on. The owner was wonderful to work with and I think we came together with a fabulous collaboration.

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