MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair in Eugene

January – Saturday 29 and Sunday 30, 2022

This will be my first fair in about twelve years. I am looking forward to it, especially since I am new to Eugene, OR. It also feels very important to do everything I can to give good energy out to the world. We need it. I hope to give a little magic into the world both to people who want to have Reiki/Tarot sessions and random acts of Reiki to those who would receive it.

There is an element of moving energy that I think of as the magic of life. Often, I attach this sense of mystery to emotion and logos. The power of knowing that life responds to our worldview is key to living elementally. All that we have control over is our attitude. I believe that truly, deeply loving ourselves is the beginning of peace. The connection weaving love and the sense of a grounded self with all that is…others, nature, thoughts… is an awareness of Self as One. We are in this together.

I choose to put love and kindness into the world and receive love and kindness in return.

P.S. Forgive me for using an old picture. I don’t have have current pictures of me with oracle cards.

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